13 Reasons Why Jon Snow Just Can’t Be Dead


Why We Can’t Don’t Believe Jon Snow is Dead

Reasons why Jon Snow Ain't Really Dead

Jon Snow Dead?

This post contains major spoilers for anybody who has not read A Dance with Dragons, seen the last episode of season 5 of Game of Thrones, and hasn’t checked the headlines of almost any Internet news feed for the last several weeks. In other words, you have to somebody who really doesn’t care anyway if you aren’t aware that Jon Snow really seemed to die/kick the bucket/get stabbed way too many times/etc.

Is Jon Snow really dead? Even Kit Harrington told the public in an interview that he was really, really dead. He said that’s what he’d been told and wouldn’t be back for season 6. Yeah, Jon Snow’s not dead. We don’t care what you say, Jon Snow! You know nothing, Jon Snow.

It’s not that I have too much time on my hands, but I am way to obsessed with this particular fictional character. Yeah, Dany’s got dragons and all, but the Bastard of Winterfell just seemed to be the on central character who grew into somebody who competently tried to do the right thing most of the time and felt really awful about it when he couldn’t always do the purely good thing.

Way Too Many Reasons Why Jon Snow Will Be Back

1. Hit Harrington didn’t cut his hair.

The actor expressed some interest in shaving off his luscious locks as soon as his term on Game of Thrones ended, and he hasn’t done that yet. Even if he would have, we understand there are these things called wigs. But he didn’t. So there.

2. He just didn’t die

In both A Dance with Dragons and Episode 10 of Season 5 of Game of Thrones, Jon Snow sure got stabbed a lot of time. The book actually left his fate a lot more open than the popular HBO TV show seemed too. However, it is possible that he survived. This brings up questions about whether both the TV show and books are going to tell the same story, but it seems likely they will be parallel.

3. He’s sharing Ghost’s body.

In the book, Jon can “warg” into his direwolf, Ghost. In other words, he can transfer his consciousness into an animal host. The TV show doesn’t really dwell on him having that power yet but mostly shows that with his (so-called) half brother, Bran. The problem with the TV show is that Ghost wasn’t near him when he died, but in the book, “Ghost” was the last thing he said.

4. Milisandre will bring him back from the dead.

The Red Priestess is not a fan favorite and never really resurrected anybody before. However, this possibility has been set up by the fact that a red priest of R’hillor has demonstrated this ability before. The Red Priestess may not be a fan favorite, but she could have the power to bring one back. Also, she thought that Stannis was Azor Ahai reborn, but probably by now, not so much.

5. The Targaryen Fire Rebirth

It seemed so obvious that Jon Snow was not really Ned Stark’s bastard at all. The guy died because of his honor, so cheating on Lady Stark just seems out of character for Ned. The most popular fan theory of both the Unsullied and book readers is that Jon has to be the child of a Targaryen prince and Ned’s sister. Now, Targaryens are not always immune to fire. Even when they are, it doesn’t seem to work all the time. Yes, Jon Snow was burnt in the story, but that doesn’t rule out a special case.

6. The White Walker King will bring Jon back.

This is my least favorite theory, I guess, because it assumes that Jon will come back as one of those White Walker dudes. The Night’s King does seem to have the ability to raise the dead, but they usually come back as zombies and not actual “Others.” If anything, I hope he doesn’t just come back as a creepy zombie. Still, there may be more to the “Others” than we are seeing right now, so it’s possible this ending could still be satisfying. At the end of the Hardhome battle scene, the Walker King and our hero did seem to share a meaningful look.

7. There are too many things that Jon Snow Doesn’t know!

Jon never found out about his real parents. Even Luke Skywalker got to find out who is dad was. While we all love GRR Martin for breaking stale tropes, this might be a bridge too far.

8. Kit Harrington might be fibbing.

News that the actor had renegotiated his contract through season 7 of Game of Thrones made the news several months ago. It’s true that Kit Harrington recently said the news story about the negotiation process wasn’t entirely correct, but he didn’t exactly say all of it wasn’t true.

9. In Martin’s original plan, Jon was a survivor

In the original plan for the books, Arya, Tyrion, Dany, and Jon were supposed to survive to the end. This story has exploded and evolved since the original plan, but Martin surely didn’t originally plan to let our hero shuffle off the pages.

10. Kit Harrington has been spotted in Belfast.

Some guy on Reddit posted that the actor had been spotted in Belfast, the location of filming. According to this poster, he wasn’t allowed to take a photo because it was supposed to be a secret. That sounds legit!

11. Arya just has to see him again.

If you remember the epic scene when Jon Snow gave Arya needle and hugs, you just know he’ll be back. I can’t imagine he ever got along with Sansa all that well, but he and Ayra are soul siblings.

12. Ghost is still alive.

Yes, Sansa seems to have survived the death of poor Lady. However, Robb and Grey Wind shuffled off together. Nobody’s wolf has outlived them.

13. Bran is still alive and north of the Wall.

Bran’s been fairly absent lately, but it seems like he has to serve some sort of purpose. Maybe that is just a big picture purpose, but perhaps he can employ his mystical powers to help his brother.

Why Are You Sure That Jon Snow Survived?

Yes, it is crazy to get so obsessed with a fictional character. But in a gloomy universe like the World of Ice and Fire, Jon was a bit of fresh air, even if the breeze was a bit chilly.  Please give us something to hang on for and supply more reasons why our favorite ASOIF and GOT character will live on!