7 Unusual and Effective Ways to Promote Your Fiction and Author Brand

Secret online book marketing tipsDo Something Different to Spark Your Fiction Novel Promos

Do you think that you’ve tried everything to drive more sales and establish your author brand? Are you frustrated with typical free and paid book promotions, social networking sites, and trying to gain more organic traffic for your blog. Well, the time-tested tactics have their uses; however, to stay ahead of the curve, you may need to consider some rather unusual eBook marketing tips that work well enough that it’s a wonder that everybody hasn’t already exploited them.

I came up with this list because I was getting back into book marketing after taking a break to work in the word mines of The Man. I needed to remember what I had forgotten, but that got boring. So, I set out to learn what everybody doesn’t already know. In any case, I hope you pick up a few book marketing tactics here that you may not have thought about or even heard of before.

Also, notice that I specify marketing fiction here. I did that because I actually have a lot more ideas for marketing nonfiction, but I wanted to focus. If I start focusing on nonfiction, I’ll probably add another list!

Seven Effective Book Marketing Tactics You Might Not Have Already Thought About

Some of these ideas a pretty novel; honestly, you’d probably heard of some of them before. However, I believe I presented some of the oldies-but-goodies in a different light than you may have considered before.

One: Get Paid in Tweets: Sure, I knew that offering incentives can help build an email list. At the same time, I was also really interested in building up my social base. Services like Pay With a Tweet allow you to offer the same incentives, like a first chapter or short story, to get other people to Tweet for you. I know that one key to enjoying success with Twitter is to generate some activity, so this sounds like a good deal. There’s a free version of this service that you can try out. To run multiple campaigns, you’ll need to pay for a monthly membership.

Two: Offering Free Chapters for Paid Books: You can simply offer the chapters on your blog, or you can use them as an incentive to get people to signup for your email list. Of course, you could also use them as protected content to simply get people to signup at your site. However, one of the main benefits is that you can demonstrate the quality of your work by offering these free samples, and you don’t have to give away your entire book.

Three: Make a Video Trailer: Yeah, maybe you heard this before, but it’s time for you to do it if you haven’t. You can use it to diversify your site content, post to YouTube, and to add to your social networking sites. Look, it’s official. People consume video content more than anything else on the internet. Yes, you’re asking them to read a book. You can still tease them with a video.

Four: Recruit or Interest Affiliates: If you publish fiction, you probably sell on Amazon. They have a huge affiliate program, and other people can signup to get paid for promoting your book. In fact, Amazon says in its author help pages that it’s fine to have an a affiliate link for your own book. It’s only another four percent of the sales price. Use your own link if you want, but you’ll be better off if you can recruit affiliates.

Five: Take Advantage of QA and Online Community Sites: This is one of those tips that might be easier with nonfiction, but I think it’s worth considering. Sites like Quora and Reddit get massive amounts of steady traffic. You’ve got to establish yourself as a helpful and reliable member of the community on sites like these, but if you do, you can surely find ways to slip links to your books or site in with your posts. Really, you can use LinkedIn this way too.

Six: Link to Your Own Properties in Your Book: Don’t be shy about promoting your author site, email list, social pages, and YouTube video in the front and the back of the book. Amazon is making money off of you, and you should have a chance to recoup a bit of promotion back. Go ahead and write about other books if you think they’re relevant to the audience.

Seven: Consider Offering Other Products or Content to Support Your Book: This isn’t about just writing more books on a topic or in a series. This is about creating other content that your readers might enjoy. Look, ASIOF (GOT) has a cookbook, coloring book, models of characters, reproductions of weapons, and who knows what else? You can create content for your own book that you can giveaway for contests or signups or even sell.

More Unique Ways to Promote Your Fiction eBook

Man, it’s tough out there. You’d rather be writing, but you’ve got to spend time promoting or to get somebody else to do it for you. If you get really good, you can even offer your advice or services to other authors. Please add your suggestions or tips for creative eBook promotions to the comments.