Fantasy .99 Book Sale

Fantasy Books .99 Sale


.99 Sale Starts 9/11

In honor of my great cover, I am running a special .99 cent sale. This Amazon fantasy book sale is running from September 11 at 8 AM until September 17 at 8 AM. You can score Rise of the Gatebreakers for .99 during that time by clicking this link. Of course, you are also welcome to check it out at the regular price at any time.

Featured Fantasy Books on Sale in September

The Fuller’s Apprentice: Angela Holder offers us an exciting story about a young boy who has a craving for excitement that leads to a position as a wizard’s apprentice. This book looks great, and it’s on sale too!

Sea Tales This is the 6th book in Steve Vernon’s Sea Tales. They are engrossing tales of the rest of the planet– the majority of the Earth that is covered by water. Enjoy fantastic tales of mermaids, WWII sailors, and more. This book is going on sale on September, 11.

Bound in Blue: In this first book in the Sword of Elements series, Rhi learns that the creatures of myth are actually real. Her ability to visualize magic as color puts her in conflict with ancient gods. The author, Heather Hamilton-Senter, has this book on sale September 11 to 14, and this book looks really exciting.

Worlds of Wonder: Enjoy science fiction and fantasy tales that range from retelling classic fables to travels in time. Of course, there are dragons! Emily Martha Sorensen has this treasure on sale from September 11 to 18.

Reunification: Two Worlds (Book 1): Timothy Cerepaka offers us an imaginative tale of a knight who travels from his world of magic to another world of technology in an effort to find his sister. This book is on sale from September 11 to 14. 

This Fantasy Book Sale is NOT All About Me!

As you may have noticed, also has comments that you can either enter with your FB ID or by registering to the site. You are welcome to promote your own fantasy book sales for September there. Just to be helpful, there is also a .99 fantasy book sale here on Patty Jansen’s website that I sadly missed the deadline for but should be very good.

If you contact me, I’ll get as many books as I can moved up into the main post. This is for books on sale in September and hopefully, concurrently with my own sale. The easiest way to let me know about your book sale is simply to add a comment to the Facebook comments below. I’ll be checking them frequently.

You can contact me by my website email form here. You can also find my Facebook and Twitter links on this page to the top right, and I will be checking them frequently as long as my promotion runs. I also have other social media pages that I plan to promote this page on.

So, here you go:

  • Readers, find some bargains on speculative and fantasy books.
  • Authors, let’s promote this thing.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!



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