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Welcome, readers, writers, and lurkers! This is the author site for M.L. Katz. Hopefully, we can stay in touch. In the past, I’ve focused upon writing speculative fiction. If course, this includes science fiction, fantasy, and horror. I may branch out, but this is the direction my imagination takes me.

I Hope to Connect With You

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<== Read The Far Point Massacre for Free Here.

Currently, you can also find most of my published works on RaftPeople.com, the site for my most popular post apocalyptic novel. However to keep things clean, I thought it better to establish an actual author website for M.L. Katz.

M.L. Katz on Amazon

You may also be interested in the M.L. Katz author page on Amazon. There, you can find all of my published books that I have for sale. There is also a short author biography on that page.

The Gatekeepers

This is the fantasy novel I have had in my mind for decades. Right now, it is a work in progress. You are welcome to peruse the first chapter of Rise of the Gatebreakers for free here. I think it is a satisfying short story that can stand on its own but really sets up major novel characters. Hopefully, you will enjoy it and decide to stay updated via the newsletter or social networks.

The three volumes in the Gatekeepers series include:

  • Rise of the Gatebreakers
  • Raptors and Rangers
  • The Gatekeepers

Anyway, I’m delighted to see you here, and I hope you’ll reach out!

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