ASOIF POV: Limited Omniscient, Third Person

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Also, each character only knows their part of the story or what they may hear from other characters or even passing ravens. This makes the story seem more realistic. People make judgements based upon limited information, and those judgements could be wrong because the information is bad. Any study of the science of modern risk management will reveal a similar trend in today’s companies, governments, and military forces.

What Do You Think About Martin’s Approach?

Personally, I think he’s pulled off a difficult job brilliantly. There are so many POV and non-POV characters. The interesting thing is that readers also discuss each type of character in that way. In some cases, pretty important characters, like Littlefinger, have never had a POV chapter.

Perhaps knowing exactly what is going on in Peter Baelish’s head would either spoil the book or our optimism that people are basically good. While I actually might be willing to risk a Littlefinger chapter, a Ramsay Bolton POV chapter might be one to skip! We don’t need to know what’s going on in the head of the Bastard of Dreadfort. We just need him gone and Jon back!






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